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Quality of print impressive for the price but printing photo quality images depletes small toner cartridge quickly. Hi Claude, 3 years doesn’t seem a long time if you are not using your printer a lot. Roger RogerLea replied on Sep 21, Abby Gail Verdejo asked on Sep 10, The Best and Inexpensive.

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Klien, May I suggest you unplug everything, delete any software from your PC. Just docuprint p205b something is cheap does not mean it should not work correctly. I suggest you contact Fuji Xerox at https: I replaced the cartridge but still p025b printing quality is very poor. docuprint p205b

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint PB Reviews –

Your trust is our top concern. My P b always come out with 3 papers and it stop from printing while i have more docuprint p205b to print. I have had a number doculrint paper jams and managed to successfully tear the paper while trying to pull it out, meaning pieces I can’t get to are stuck and need to come out before it will let docuprint p205b print anything else.

No overheating, no issues docuprint p205b all. Abby Gail Verdejo asked on Sep 10, Write a review on ProductReview.

Thank u for your reply! Then start again from scratch plugging it docuprint p205b in again and loading any software.

DocuPrint Pb Fuji Xerox

If docuprint p205b doesn’t work delete the software driver and re install it. Hi Troy, You may have a lemon; take it back for exchange or refund- as you see here, docuprint p205b have found no problems p20b5 paper jams. Roger RogerLea replied on Dec 20, RogerLea replied on Oct 12, I have to push the button and it will ptint 3 more papers again and again until it finish printing.

Unplug docuprint p205b printer completely, and disconnect from the PC. Roger RogerLea replied on Oct 13, DAZZ asked on Dec 17, One of the biggest pieces of rubbish we have ever bought.

Fuji Xerox P205b Compatible Toner

Highly recommend this to ddocuprint doing monochrome printing only. RogerLea replied on Sep 15, It turns out that it was the quality of the document I was trying to print.

I purchased this printer docprint on price. Do you think my printer is old ? Turn it all off and try again. Docuprint p205b fast, had it docuprint p205b months with moderate to heavy use docuprint p205b have yet to change cartridge that came in the box. Suggest you remove paper and toner.

Average cost has been 2.

You turn it off; Unplug ALL the cables, including power cable; Ensure there is no little pieces of paper stuck anywhere in the print train; Give it a good shake; Reconnect all cables; Insert new, clean paper; Try docuprint p205b again. Roger RogerLea replied on Oct 12, Stan docuprint p205b on Apr 14, RogerLea replied on Oct 13, RogerLea replied on Sep 06, It has been away for weeks.

I’ve printed and bound some laminated pages this evening in one docuprint p205b.