The Dell Latitude E is a inch business laptop designed to survive a full day of use and abuse … and look good while doing it. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. When you want to listen to music or watch movie using headphones—good news, the sound is clear, no electronic static, no hiss, when there is no sound, there is no sound—pure silence. That was the end of any contact with them. After a while it gets on the nerves.

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Dell e6500 network E is more like a desktop in that Dell did not hide anything and provided a detailed service manual. I performed two tests: Dell E wireless networ working after fresh installation of ubuntu Yes, my password is: Intel Core 2 Duo P 2.

There is some minor light leakage at the bottom of the screen—not noticeable while working though. Commander WolfDec 14, The laptop is very sturdy—for the first time I am able to lean on dell e6500 network. The device listed as network controller should be the wireless adapter by dell way.

Dell Latitude E cannot turn on Intel wifi card Thanks for posting the fix! Once I took all of the steps my WiFi with no security d6500 working at once using ifup.

Dell Latitude E6500 User Review

Sign dell e6500 network using Email and Password. After a while it gets on the nerves. The lid latch is not centered as in D—it is placed a bit to the right. I would try to buy a Thinkpad W instead, my choice from the beginning.

I would like to thank my friends, Pawel and Krzysiek, for helping me buy a new computer—what would I do without you guys? You dell e6500 network see how tiny the lid latch is—no chance to keep the lid firmly in place.

Dell Latitude E User Review

The placement of the audio ports is unfortunate—they are placed on the right, so using headphones and a mouse at the same dell e6500 network is troublesome. It really works, but security settings is the next hurtle once you get that WiFi light turning on and the scan picks up your wireless transmitter. As impressive as that all sounds, what do actual users think?

So I cannot honestly recommend the E Do you already have an account? The E can keep the fan dell e6500 network for a long time—you can additionally tweak power management profiles to keep the laptop very quiet.

Thank you very much!

You can change your settings at any time. I am sure it does. I tried dell e6500 network movies and I admit, they look great. If you intend to run Vista start up is rather slow and the devices are enabled and dell e6500 network two or three times after each booting up dell e6500 network, shutting down the system could be faster too.

So you can say the E is lap friendly. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. One USB port is PowerShare one, which means it can charge external device even if the computer is off. Post as a guest Name. First of all the E does not heat up—I used both CPU burn-in and Prime95 to torture the CPU for more than two hours, I managed to get the CPU at 78 degrees Celsius according to I8kfanGUI and the palmrest kept the temperature of the human body, the bottom of the laptop was lukewarm and the only warm part but not hot was the left speaker.

Ever since i formatted the computer, i havent been able to connect to my wifi. Intel Corporation Device [ The keyboard is flat so no need to bend dell e6500 network wrists. From top to bottom: